HomeQ&Awhy sacar instead of conseguir when taking a photo?

why sacar instead of conseguir when taking a photo?


according to my dictionary, sacar is defined as 'to take out', whereas conseguir is more closely defined as 'to obtain'.

Perhaps I am being too simple, but if I wanted to take a photograph (or x-ray) wouldn't I state:

'quiero conseguir una foto'

Thanks for any clarification on this. smile

updated MAY 8, 2010
posted by primus

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Welcome to the forum!

"Conseguir una foto" would carry a meaning of "obtaining a photo" or "getting a photo" in the sense of finding one that already exists. "I need to get a photo for my project" - "Necesito conseguir una foto para mi proyecto".

"To take a photo" is either "sacar una foto" or "tomar una foto", depending on which Spanish-speaking region you are in.

The verb "sacar" has many expressions attached to it..."Sacar buenas/malas notas", for instance is "to get good/bad grades."

I hope this answers your question.

updated MAY 8, 2010
posted by mountaingirl123
a very nice explanation -- thank you. - primus, MAY 7, 2010

Conseguir means get, and 'quiero conseguir una foto' would mean that you'd like to get one, as in you'd like to have one. There are at least five verbs in Spanish that mean take and sacar just happens to be the one that applies to fotos, and by the way conseguir does NOT mean take. Gracias.

updated MAY 8, 2010
posted by jeezzle
great answer, and you are a fast typist!! - mountaingirl123, MAY 7, 2010
The photographer in me had to vote for both answers! - LateToDinner, MAY 7, 2010
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