el and que

el and que


I want to know why don't I use el in this sentence

he is dark skin que es oscuro piel

updated MAY 7, 2010
posted by jamalking
Hi, it would be helpful if you could rephrase this so it's clearer what you are asking... I certainly don't understand! :-) - aceydoubleyou, MAY 7, 2010

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Can you give us a bit more context? This is sort of odd. It might be "What is dark skin?" or "[...] that it's dark skin." There needs to be something before it for it to be the second, though. And the first would require ¿ and ? and an accent mark on the e of que. "He is dark skin" doesn't make sense in English.

updated MAR 12, 2014
edited by MacFadden
posted by MacFadden
El es de OScuro piel . He is OF dark skin makes sense. Need an El - El Que Es de Osucro Piel would be better . The Que could just be used for expression or emphasis. - SELWICH425, MAY 7, 2010
Would "tiene piel oscuro" work? Could the English have needed to be has rather than is? Sometimes people say "...is dark skinned." - Delores--Lindsey, MAY 7, 2010
But where I live, "has dark skin" would be more common. - Delores--Lindsey, MAY 7, 2010
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