de casio doro de reina

de casio doro de reina


trying to understand origin of bible translation.

de casio doro de reina (1569) revisada por cipriano (1602)

version valera

updated MAY 7, 2010
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I'm stumped on the direct translation but here is some info about the RVR translation:

The Reina-Valera has been the most widely used translation of the Bible. First published in 1569, 42 years before the King James Version. The RVR was updated in 1960 and became well known for its fidelity to the orginal texts, exceptional accuracy, and elegant language. Combining the traditional style of the Spanish Language with modern clarity and readability, the RVR 1960 has become the most acclaimed and relied upon Spanish Bible today.

I have an RVR - ESV bilingual Bible and love it.

updated MAY 7, 2010
posted by scottdoherty
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