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How do you say that my cat loves me?


My cat really really loves my and I want to tell this guy in my school cafeteria that my cat loves me, but he doesn't speak english! Well, he does but very little. So, please, tell me what it is!


updated MAY 7, 2010
posted by Selena_Gomez2

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Mi gato(a) me quiere.

updated MAY 8, 2010
posted by 005faa61

You can say, either: My cat loves me = Mi gato amarme

or My cat loves me = MI gato me ama

My kitten loves me = mi gatito amarme/ mi gatito me ama

( I love my cat, too = , amo a mi gato, también)

If you want to say I love cats you would say = me encantan los gatos (may en-can-tan los gat os )

I hope this helps grin.)

updated MAY 7, 2010
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posted by FELIZ77

"Me adora mi gatita" or, to round it out a tad, maybe "Sabes que mi gatita me adora". Why am I saying "gatita"? I suppose it feels kind of cosier and better fitted to this sort of remark than "gata".

Why am I assuming that it's a girl/lady cat - dunno.

updated MAY 7, 2010
edited by geofc
posted by geofc
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