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Constantemente vs No dejar de dar


In the NVI version of the Bible, 1 Thessalonians 1, verse 3, the phrase 'We continually remember' is rendered in spanish as 'recordamos constantemente'. In the second chapter, verse 13, 'we also thank God continually' is rendered in spanish as 'no dejamos de dar gracias a Dios'. In the 5th chapter, the 17th verse, 'pray continually' is rendered in spanish as 'oren sin cesar', so there's even another way of expressing the idea of 'continuing'.

Out of these three phrases, I fell in love with 'no dejamos de dar', it just rolls off the tongue! It seems so 'droll' to just say 'continually' or 'constantly' when you have a phrase like 'no dejamos de dar'. I have used 'sin cesar' in the past, as well as constantemente, but never 'no dejar de dar'.

I guess my question is, is this (no dejar de dar) a common way of saying 'continually' or 'constantly'? One reason I ask is, I've said things in the past and have been corrected with something like "we don't say that anymore, that's old spanish" or something to that effect. Thanks!

updated MAY 7, 2010
posted by Jack-OBrien
I love it ..."No dejamos de dar..." - --Mariana--, MAY 7, 2010

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Here in Argentina we use the expression "no dejar de..." very much

-No dejo de pensar en vos (en tí) -No dejan de decir tonterías -No dejamos de encontrarnos flores

updated MAY 7, 2010
posted by Malucian
¡Qué hermosa! Gracias por los ejemplos, me ayudan mucho. - Jack-OBrien, MAY 7, 2010

You can certainly use "no dejar de..." to mean "continually" in the same way you can say "unceasingly" in English. Continuing as "not stopping something" or "not letting go of something". Perhaps what you like about it is that it conveys a sense of tenacity. grin

updated MAY 7, 2010
posted by Gekkosan
"sense of tenacity", I do like that. That's another 'insight' into this phrase for me. Thanks!! - Jack-OBrien, MAY 7, 2010
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