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Cómo se dice "not really" en español?


I have a beginners Spanish test soon and in it somebody will likely say to me: "¿habla(s) español?" and I want to respond by saying something like "not really, hablo un poco". I know its basic but help would be appreciated.

updated MAY 7, 2010
posted by Yoshimi123

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HI again, we would say:

La verdad es que no mucho. Hablo muy poco.

updated MAY 7, 2010
posted by 00494d19
Would "de veras" fit in this situation? Buenos días, H. - Delores--Lindsey, MAY 7, 2010
Not really, I speak it just a little = Realmente no, sólo lo hablo un poquito. - Mokay, MAY 7, 2010
Mokay: using both 'do' and 'can' is a bit much. Leave one of them out. - LateToDinner, MAY 7, 2010
OK, gracias. - Delores--Lindsey, MAY 7, 2010
De veras is positive: ¿De veras puedes hablar español? = Can you really speak Spanish? (Thanks LateToDinner) - Mokay, MAY 7, 2010

"No mucho."

updated MAY 7, 2010
posted by tennismom
Whatever you say after that will probably confirm your ability level! - tennismom, MAY 7, 2010
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