Sentence Translations / Traducir los frases.

Sentence Translations / Traducir los frases.


To improve my Spanish I will post up a sentence in English and put my own "Maldito" spanish translation to it in search of "el mejor" Spanish Translation for it.

Por Aprender Espanol , Yo Escrbire un frase cada dia en Ingles y mi traducir en espanol buscar el mejor traducir para lo.

" By the powers invested in me , I now pronounce you Wife and Husband "

Con Los Poderes me Pusieron , Ahora vos Llamo a Esposa y Esposo

       Feel free to post your own sentences con translation as it will help all of us ! 

  Escribí tu fresas con traducir para lo aprenderemos y esto todos ayudaremos , Por Favor ! 
updated MAY 6, 2010
posted by SELWICH425
Sorry , Just realised i could use the word " Translacion " :P !!! i used traducir like a fool everywhere ! LO SIENTO !! - SELWICH425, MAY 6, 2010
By the powers VeSTED in me ... - CalvoViejo, MAY 6, 2010
"Maldito"???? = "damned" - geofc, MAY 6, 2010

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No he asistido muchas bodas en español. Por esto mis palabras tal vez no sean las que oiría. Mi traducción sería algo así:

I haven't attended very many weddings in Spanish, so my wording may not be what you would hear, but my translation would be something like this:

Por la autoridad delegada a mi, os nombro esposa y esposo.


Por los poderes delegados a mi, os nombro esposa y marido.

I doubt that you would hear the reversal of the husband/wife phrase you indicate here in most traditional weddings in Spanish. I think it would be even more rare to hear "wife and husband" a Spanish ceremony than it would be in English.

updated MAY 6, 2010
posted by CalvoViejo
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