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Native speaker!


Could you please translate the word:

Native speaker

Thank you in advance, can't find correct option!

updated MAY 6, 2010
posted by mari-may

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Hi, Mari May, it occurred to me that you may need an explanation of "native speaker" in English.

You are a "native speaker" of Russian. In other words, Russian is your "mother tongue",

The word "native" in English refers to something that a person has grown up with. I think that you are a "native Russian" and that Russia is your "native country" and that the language of Russian is your "native language".

I hope that this has helped.

updated MAY 6, 2010
posted by mountaingirl123
Ah, yes... check the profile. :-/ Good call, MontaƱesa! - Gekkosan, MAY 6, 2010

A "native speaker" es un "hablante nativo" - una persona que ha estado expuesta al idioma al que se refiere desde su nacimiento, y lo habla fluidamente.

Yo soy un hispanohablante nativo, y además hablo fluidamente el inglés. Sin embargno, no me considero un angloparlante nativo.

updated MAY 6, 2010
edited by Gekkosan
posted by Gekkosan
embargo - nizhoni1, MAY 6, 2010
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