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¿Son las palabras "médico" y "doctor" intercambiable?


He aprendido hace mucho tiempo que la palabra que significa "Doctor" en Inglés es "Médico" pero aquí he observado que Paralee prefiere ensenar y usar la palabra doctor.en lugar de médico.

Quisiera saber, si las palabras son intercambiable o no ¿Es más común decir médico en algunas partes del mundo y doctor en las otras, tal vez ?

Are the words médico and doctor interchangeble in spanish?

I have learnt along time ago that the word for (that means) doctor in spanish is Médico but here I hav observed that Paralee prefers to teach and use the word Doctor instead of Médico.

I would like to know if the words are interchangeable or not.Is it more common to say Médico in some parts of the world and Doctor in others perhaps?

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Well, strictly speaking no.

Not every doctor is a médicowink

doctor en ingenieria he has a doctorate in engineering.+

Doctor is a title, médico is the profession.

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Muchas gracias, Heidita Prefiero usar la palabra Médico. Puedo entender con mas claridad la diferencia entre los dos ahora. :-) - FELIZ77, MAY 6, 2010
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Como han dicho, sí son intercambiables. Lo que hay que recordar es que hay doctores que no son médicos, como doctores en física u otras materias. Es como en inglés, "doctor" and "physician".

Hope this helps.

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"Médico/a" y "doctor(a)" son sinónimos. Paralee probablamente usa "doctor(a)" porque es su preferencia personal.

"Médico/a" and "doctor(a)" are synonyms. Paralee probably uses"doctor(a)" because it is her personal preference

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They are synonyms; however, in Mexico, I noticed that people seemed to be more likely to use "doctor" or "doctora" as a title for a person, i.e. "Doctora Pacheco," while they're more likely to use "médico" when talking about doctors in general. I'm not sure exactly how accurate this is, but that's what I noticed in the medical class I took there and in the medical internship I participated in there.

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You're welcome! :) - Maureen-Early, MAY 5, 2010

yes. interchangeable.

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