What about me?

What about me?


¿Cómo se dice "I really want you to learn Spanish" en español?

¿Es "Te quiero verdad aprender Español"?

¿Y cómo se dice "What about me?" (as if someone didn't invite you to a party) en español? And how about "is there a better way?" en español.


updated MAY 5, 2010
posted by missywooda

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Hi, Missy! Welcome to the forum!

"I really want to learn Spanish" would be "De veras quiero que aprendas español". (Note: "Te quiero" means "I love you" or "I really like you", so that wouldn't work in your sentence.)

"What about me?" would be "¿Y cómo pinto yo?" (Meaning "how do I fit in?")

"Is there a better way"? would be "¿no hay otra manera?" or "¿no hay mejor manera?"

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Or simply, "¿Y yo, qué?" - 005faa61, MAY 4, 2010
"¿Y cómo pinto yo?" sounds to me like a 'colloquialism'. JulianChivis' option sounds more natural I think ;). - InésDelRío, MAY 5, 2010
But what if you really want someone else to learn Spanish, how would you say "I really want you to learn Spanish." ? - missywooda, MAY 5, 2010

I really want to learn Spanish - Realmente quiero aprender español

What about me? - ¿Y yo?

Is there a better way? - ¿Hay una manera mejor?

EDIT: Wait, I misread the first one. Just ignore me.

Realmente quiero que aprendas español.

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Thank you for your answer :) - missywooda, MAY 5, 2010

Not too sure why MountainGirl wants to turn "is there a better way" into "there is no better way" but I make mistakes too. It keeps me humble.

"What about me" is much more difficult, depending on context.

"So what should I do (about it)' "What would you like me to do (about it)" "What should my reaction be" "Have you forgotten me" "Do you appreciate that I, too, am involved" etc. etc.

Pick your question and all will be revealed but without the afore-mentioned context it ain't on.

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So, what if a bunch of your friends are talking about going somewhere and they don't invite you then you ask them "What about me?", how would you say that in Spanish?? - missywooda, MAY 5, 2010

Well. Quiero que aprendas Español. Maybe Quiero mucho que aprendas Español. but I'm not sure if it works like that. ¿Y yo? ¿Es posible que me olvidaste? ¿Hay una mejor forma?

updated MAY 4, 2010
posted by jeezzle
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