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Lesson 1:3 again. La fruta. Single/plural


Lesson 1:3 shows a basket of fruit, and lists it as la fruta. Singular. In english, fruit can be single or plural ( a fruit, some fruit ). Is it the same in Spanish? Is one fruit la, and some or many fruit(s) las?

updated SEP 6, 2010
posted by fontanero
Thanks. It seems quite odd, until you remember English is full of strange rules, spellings and pronunciations! - fontanero, MAY 4, 2010

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Yes many fruit would be "las frutas". What the lesson was probably meaning was that one of the fruits in the basket is "la fruta". However, I think that it can go both ways. You can say either "la fruta" or "las frutas".

updated MAY 4, 2010
posted by mamasita_s

La las el and los can be considered as the. The fuit (la fruta) or the fuits (las fuitas). When you put una unas un or uno in front of an article you mean to say a or some. For example una fruta is a fruit but when you say unas frutas you mean some fruits. Hope this helps!

updated MAY 4, 2010
posted by junebug311
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