When I was in Mexico, a young boy was saying Chespita when it was sprinkling. I hope I am spelling it right. I looked up Chespita or Chespiando and didn't find the word. Is the word correct? Am I spelling it right?

BTW, I remember this because it sounds similiar to Cheese pizza. lol

updated MAY 4, 2010
posted by Oblaidon
you are off on the spelling
Thanks :)

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"Chispas" (Sparks) is one common way to refer to sprinkles. If you are talking about rain, then "Chispear" is one form to refer to a very light drizzle, or sprinkle.

updated MAY 4, 2010
posted by Gekkosan
Then would it be Esta chispiando or hace chispiando to mean sprinkling? Could I say Chispitas to mean little sprinkles?
Yes, you can say that, although I'm not sure you will be understood everywhere. "Chispeando". My son talks about "chispitas de chocolate", to mean "chocolate sprinkles", for example.
Comprendo. Muchas Gracias :)

I don't believe it is exists, or at least not officially...

there are other ways to say sprinkling, though

hope that helps

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posted by soulglo1990