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Hola, I am doing an essay for spanish class on worries that youth have. I would be grateful if people shared their ideas. ^^ We are currently learning the subjunctive at the moment so if anyone could give me some situations to use that in that would be great. Gracias. Illy ~

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I have two teens and also work with the youth group at our church. I think that teens worry about the same things that they have always worried about...acceptance with their peers, dating relationships, getting into college, problems with parents, etc.

I think some of these problems have taken on a new dimension with the increase of social networking sites such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter, etc. Regular school bullying has now been made dramatically worse because within seconds, an entire school or community can be made aware of gossip, rumors, embarrassing pictures.

I also think that teens today, more than ever, are aware of global terrorism and other threats to our world. I know that some of these concerns factor into their everyday thinking, although they are not discussing them constantly.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will be helpful. I hope you do well on your essay.smile

updated MAY 6, 2010
posted by Nicole-B

Thank you ^^ Your ideas are really good. The essay is just a practice one so my teacher can identify mistakes that I seem to miss when I self-check and proof read my writing. So no actual mark is given.

Thanx again ^^ Illy ~

updated MAY 6, 2010
posted by illuminada
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