Having problems with se and sé

Having problems with se and sé


Hi I want to know what do se and sé mean can you put it in a sentence because I really do not get what does it mean ok.

thank you

updated MAY 3, 2010
posted by jamalking

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You use "" when you're saying something like, "I know something". So, that would be: "[Yo] sé". This comes from the verb "saber", which means "to know something or how to do something".

You use "Se" for many different things. It is used with reflexive verbs, like "bañarse" - "to bathe oneself", "cepillarse" - "to brush one's teeth", "calmarse" - "to calm oneself". These all mean things that you do to yourself, which is why they are called reflexive verbs. For example, if I wanted to say, "She bathes herself", it would be translated as "Ella se baño."

You could also use "se" for something in general. Like, "People drive fast" - "Se maneja rápidamente".

I hope this helps you discover the differences between the two. They're totally different things, and you don't want to get them confused! smile

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posted by beckyleigh
"Ella se bañA." - --Mariana--, MAY 3, 2010

Hi Jamal.

"Se" can mean many things and here's a lesson on that topic.

For example, "Se vende coches aquí" (They sell cars here).

"Sé" (with the accent) means "I know."

For example, "Sé tu nombre." (I know your name).

updated MAY 3, 2010
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