Duérmete mi niño


Looking for a (Dominican) Spanish to English Translation

I am looking for a translation to the following lullaby:

Duérmete mi niño

Duérmete mi sol

Duérmete cariño

de mi corazón.

Duérmete mi niño

que en tu cabecera

Por velar tu sueño

Un ángel te espera

My choir is singing this piece, and I would like to print a translation in the program for the audience. Thanks!

updated MAY 3, 2010
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posted by obaniosa

1 Answer


Sleep my son,

Sleep my sun,

Sleep darling

Of my heart

Sleep my son

That on your pillow

To keep watch over your dreams

An angel waits

updated MAY 3, 2010
posted by KevinB
Nice. I'd use "child" instead of "son" though, although you are right that "son" is the correct literal translation.