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the verb llevar and structuring a question?


Right, i need help...!

¿Tu llevas bien con tu familia?

i need help when i'm asking a question, right now, i'm trying to say, do you get along with your family, but i dont know how to , literally , add the "do"?

has anyone got any tips on forming questions?

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No, you do not literally add the "do". The "do" is built into the present tense of the verb.

Hablo=I talk, I do talk, I am talking, and even future time in certain contexts.


Do you want...? The "do" is implied as part of the present tense.

¿Lllevas bien ...? (Do you get along....? the "do" is built-in, similar to how the tú is built-in., but the tú can be written literally, the "do" cannot be written literally)

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Excellent explanation. - --Mariana--, MAY 3, 2010
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