Se te va a poner...

Se te va a poner...


While drinking coffee today in the sun, my friend said to me "Se te va a poner helado en el cafe". I understand this to mean something about me going to put ice cream in my coffee, but I don't get the "Se te" part. Please help. Thanks!

updated MAY 3, 2010
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Is helado in that sentence referring to ice cream or frozen (stone cold). Could it be something like "your coffee is becoming stone cold" (I'm thinking that "ponerse" means "to become" like in "ponerse enojado" rather than "put into".

Whatever the pronominal meaning of ponerse the "te" i.o. pronoun is there only to show possession (your coffee).

It's similar to the "se me olvidó el libro". The "me" i.o.p. is there to say who forgot the book.

It is the... "en" el café...that confuses me. Why the "en"? "Is the cream becoming ice cream in your coffee?" or something similar?

Need a native's input. I only wanted to mention the pronouns.

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updated MAY 3, 2010
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