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can i have the meanings for: present perfect past perfect preterite perfect future perfect conditional perfect

present perfect subjunctive future perfect subjunctive past perfect subjunctive

thanks so much! Reinitabonita

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or even a website that has all the definitions would be FABULOUS - reinitabonita, MAY 1, 2010
Correct spelling is mandatory on this site, thanks. - 00494d19, MAY 1, 2010
okay my bad... - reinitabonita, MAY 2, 2010

2 Answers

Indicative mood
Present PerfectI have talkedHe hablado
PluperfectI had talkedHabía hablado
Past PerfectI had talkedHube hablado
Future PerfectI will have talkedHabré hablado
Conditional PerfectI would have talkedHabría hablado
Subjunctive mood
Present PerfectI have talkedhaya hablado
Past Perfect (ra)I had talkedhubiera hablado
Past Perfect (se)I had talkedhubiese hablado
Future Perfect I will have talkedhubiere hablado (obsolete)
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Go to "Learn Spanish", tab above, and click on "learn Spanish 3". This will get you there qicker than I can. I'm taking the lazy man's approach to this - sorry about that.

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