He was aware that he was still a child

He was aware that he was still a child


Is consciente the best way to say aware? Era consciente de que todavía era un niño.

updated MAY 2, 2010
posted by jeezzle
I like "consciente" in this context. - --Mariana--, ABR 30, 2010

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Yes, but I might use Estaba instead or Era just because the sentence seems to indicate a moment in time as opposed to something he always knew. "Estaba conciente de que todavía era un niño."

You could also use the phrase darse cuenta de, like "Se dio cuenta de que todavía era un niño." But that has the feeling more like "He realized he was still a kid."

updated MAY 2, 2010
edited by Stardust2212
posted by Stardust2212
Good post. You're right, estaba is better there. I was thinking darse cuenta but I figured there was another way and thought of consciente. Gracias amigo. - jeezzle, ABR 30, 2010
I prefer "conciente" for your sentence as well. - Stardust2212, ABR 30, 2010
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