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Acá o Aquí?


Can someone tell me when I know to use which word in a sentence?

updated ABR 29, 2010
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posted by mamasita_s
I added the accents for you :-) - --Mariana--, ABR 29, 2010
thanks! how do i do that when i type the title? i haven't figured it out yet. - mamasita_s, ABR 29, 2010

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In theory, You would use it aca with verbs of motion However, in reality they are interchangable most of the time but some region one words is peferred over the other.

updated ABR 29, 2010
posted by BellaMargarita
like aca goes with the command "ven" like come? o i see thank you so much - mamasita_s, ABR 29, 2010
Yes, that is. - nila45, ABR 29, 2010

I would just add that I've gotten the impression that "ven acá" is a bit more forceful--like what you'd use if it was the third time you call someone. To convey something equivalent to "Can you come here, please?" you could say "ven aquí." But I've heard different things from different people, so this distinction may vary by region.

updated ABR 29, 2010
posted by MacFadden
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