How do you say....?

How do you say....?


"how do you pronounce _____?"

how would you say that? i have a friend who speaks spanish, and i never know how to say this and i want to surprise her by saying it :D


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You could say ¿Cómo se dice _____? for saying How do you say _____?. Or you could say ¿Qué significa ____? for saying What does ___ mean? Finally you could say ¿Cómo se pronuncia _____ for How do you pronounce ____?

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There are several distinctions that could be made in this case. "Cómo pronuncias ..." should be followed by your attempt (however inaccurate) to pronounce some word in Spanish. "Cómo se dice ..." should be followed by a word in English (or whatever) and ask for the equivalent word/expression in Spanish. "¿Qué significa ...?" is the most difficult. Properly, it asks for a definition of the word but does not imply a translation. Thus, If you ask "¿Qué significa 'comer'?", a perfectly reasonable response would be "ingerir en el estómago alguna cosa" (from our dictionary).

Nonetheless, many people use "¿Qué significa ...?" to mean "How does one translate ...?"

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