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Esta semana compré un iPod iTouch y me gustaría comprar algunas "aplicaciones" que incluyen juegos en español, como crucigramas, o, "hangman".. ¿Sugerencias alguien? ¿Quizás conoces un sitio de web?

(This week I bought an iTouch and would like to buy some "Apps" that include games in Spanish, like crosswords, or "hangman". Suggestions anyone? Perhaps you know a website?)

I have just downloaded the "Spanishdict" App and it looks pretty good...

updated ABR 29, 2010
posted by nonombre

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I have an iTouch too. I just looked at my apps and I have one that would be perfect for you! Type in "memorize words for spanish" in the app store and it'll come right up. There is a free version and a paid version. Usually the paid version has more stuff but the free version looks like it has the same stuff. Anyway, it has flashcards and also four different games: hangman, wordfind, concentration, and word matching. They seem pretty good. I didn't even realize that they were on there until now, so I guess I should thank you. Haha

Hope that helps. Enjoy!

updated ABR 29, 2010
posted by bradytr
¡Muchas gracias rosebrad - suena perfecto - investigaré pronto! - nonombre, ABR 28, 2010
I've just found it - exactly what I want - well done... - nonombre, ABR 28, 2010

Don't know any sorry, I'm sure someone else can help though!

updated ABR 28, 2010
posted by April-Sarah
Thanks April-Sarah I"m sure there will be - lots of people on this site who are very "savvy"" with technology... - nonombre, ABR 28, 2010

Spanishdict has an app

updated ABR 29, 2010
posted by R_5_Q_U_3_L
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