Help with cooking instructions.

Help with cooking instructions.


I have to give cooking instructions for ceviche. This is what I would say it in English:

The fish must be covered with the lime juice for at least 5 hours in order for the acid in the juice to "cook" it. After two hours stir gently and return to refrigerator. Basically the fish is soaking in the lime juice.

This is an assignment in class and we were told to use the present subjunctive for our recipes.

Here is my first attempt, please improve.

El pescado crudo debe ser cubierto por el jugo y el ácido en el jugo ser cocinarlo. Cubra y póngalo en el refrigerador. Después dos horas revuelva suavemente para mezclar y vuelva al refrigerador.

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EL pescado crudo debe estar cubierto con jugo de lima por lo menos cinco horas para cocinar/hervir el acido en el jugo. Después de dos horas agite y póngalo en la nevera. Basicamente, empápelo en el jugo de lima.

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