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what is the "tu command" conjugation of calentar?


for example, I'm writing a recipe with "tú commands" and i'm not sure how to say " You heat the milk until steaming."

please help.

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I'm no native, but here is a guess:

Calienta la leche hasta que hace vapor.

Calienta la leche hasta que despide vapor.

But I'm not totally sure.

Tú command is the same as 3rd person singular present ("calienta" in this case, of that I'm sure).

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...3rd person, singular, present tense, indicative mood - 0074b507, ABR 26, 2010
The subjunctive is used sometimes after hasta que - 0074b507, ABR 26, 2010

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Here is the link for our conjugation tool. This is an excellent way to look up the conjugation of any verb you need to know. calentar

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