Iba vs Fui

Iba vs Fui


I know they both meaning went in the different forms but which is the difference on when they should be used? Thanks!

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It's the same as the difference between the imperfect tense and the preterit tense in the other verbs.

Imperfect is something that used to happen, or happened for a long time. Preterite is for something that happened at a particular time.

So iba means: "you used to go", or "you were going", while fue means "you went".

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Hello. Iba is the imperfect form and fui is the preterite form. There's a lesson on when to use the perterite and when to use the imperfect here: link

and this page has explanations of when to use both: link

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"La gracia me ha mantenido a salvo hasta ahora . . . " Can you say a few words abt the Spanish way of placing a pronoun ["me" ha mantenido] before the verb? I know it;s arbitrary, probably.

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