socorrer y ayudar

socorrer y ayudar


I looked them up in the dictionary on this website and they were both defined as to help. Both the definitions (especially socorrer) were very short. Is there a difference between these two verbs that I should be aware of, or are they used interchangeably?

updated ABR 27, 2010
posted by Jsanthara

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The difference is the intensity of a situation.

If your life were in danger and a stranger were close by, you would shout out, ¡Socorro!

If you were of need of help at your job requesting assistence, you would say, Ayudame, por favor.

updated MAY 8, 2010
posted by 005faa61
Excellent...thank you. - --Mariana--, ABR 25, 2010
I didn't note that before, gracias - Fidalgo, ABR 25, 2010
Right. I think of it as "Socorro is what you shout in horror, ayudame is what you say please after." ;) - MacFadden, ABR 25, 2010
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