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Lo haga or Lo hará


Es importante que trabaje como voluntario y espero que mucha mas gente lo haga porque yo creo que el trabajo como voluntario es un paso en el camino a un mundo mejor.

I want to say "It's important to work as a volunteer and I hope that many more people will do it because I think volunteer work is a step on the rod to a better world.

I'm unsure of how to use subjunctive for hacer in this case. Should I use the subjunctive and say lo haga, or should i use lo hará because I'm talking about the future? I think subjunctive should be used after "espero que", and I'm expressing a wish which falls into the "weirdo category", so should I use lo haga?

I also have a quick question on this sentence: No es difícil encontrar un empleo adecuado.

Should there be some sort of preposition connecting dificil and encontrar, like a or de?

updated ABR 26, 2010
posted by Lady_Chii

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I would use the present subjunctive (the future subjunctive is not used), even though, you are referring to a future time.

In the other question, are you asking if the personal "a" is needed? It is not, since you are not searching for a specific or known employee. Nothing is needed between difícil and encontrar. De and Para are often used in similar phrase, but they are not required here.

updated ABR 26, 2010
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posted by 0074b507
Thank you so much for your help! - Lady_Chii, ABR 26, 2010
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