Some questions on Spanish grammar


Hola mis amigos!

Soy estudio espanol en la universidad y tengo preguntas.

I was doing my Spanish revision and I have some questions regarding grammar:

  1. What is the masculine form of 'policia'? Is it 'el policia' or 'el policio'?
  2. What is the masculine form of 'dependienta'? Is it 'el dependiente'?
  3. And how do you say "I give flowers to my mother?" Is it "regalo flores a mi madre?"

Muchos gracias!

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Hello, and welcome to the forum. El policía is 'the [male] police officer', and la policía is 'the police' in general. As geofc rightly adds, la policía also means the female police officer. The masculine form of dependienta is el dependiente, which means 'dependent' as an adjective and 'sales clerk' as a noun. 'I give flowers to my mother' would be Le doy flores a mi madre.

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"Le regalo flores a mi madre" is also correct. (I present my mother with flowers).

Hey Mac - don't leave out the individual policeladies - also "la policia"

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posted by geofc
Very true! A female police officer is indeed 'la policía.' Thanks!

I know that "policia" remains the same whether preceded by "el" or "la"... so, el policia would be correct.

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