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What means 'un parque cuidado'? dangerous park?


What means 'un parque cuidado'? dangerous park? this text is from Dele Inicial

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I think it's like a protected park i.e. you can't cut down anything or hunt there. A dangerous park would be un parque peligroso. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protected_area has a more detailed explanation on what a protected area is.

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thank you:)! - soulpatrol, ABR 23, 2010

Even though "un parque cuidado" is gramatically correct, I've never heard it spoken this way. The more common way is, "Un parque protegido."

When "cuidado" is used this way, it's usually with, "Bien," ie: "Un jardin bien cuidado."

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I believe that Julian's answer is the right one. I understand "un parque cuidado" to mean that this is a looked-after park. - Gekkosan, ABR 23, 2010

The root of your problem is what does "cuidado" mean. Well it comes from the verb "cuidar" to take care of someting or to maintain it. The relationship with danger is from folk bawling "cuidado" at you when they think you're about to walk out in traffic, fall off a bridge, hit your head on a jutting-out beam or whatever. Of itself it doesn't mean danger or dangerous at all.

So a "taken care of" park could mean "well-tended and pretty" or "protected" like indisidnaray says. It could even mean that it's got park rangers on bicycles looking after it like my local park had 60+ years ago. Take your pick.

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