is it dos mil dos cientos or dos mil y dos cientos

is it dos mil dos cientos or dos mil y dos cientos


im confused if i should add the "y" after mil or not

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In any eveny, it's "doscientos" - one word. :-) - Gekkosan, ABR 23, 2010

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The "y" comes between the 10's and ones digits even if that number represents thousands, millions, billions, etc.

cincuenta y cinco=55

novecientos sesenta y cuatro=964

cincuenta y cinco mil doscientos ochenta y seis=55.286

cincuenta y cinco million ochocientos ochenta y uno mil cuatrocientos treinta y tres


So to answer your question it is dos mil doscientos=2.200

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I think it's preference like in English how you can say "one thousand one hundred" or "eleven hundred". My preference is to omit the y in those cases though. I say dos mil cien etc. Edit: I checked and I was right, http://www.top-tour-of-spain.com/List-Of-Numbers-In-Spanish.html might help if you're still confused.

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