"Eyewash" = "lavaojos" ?

"Eyewash" = "lavaojos" ?


This site says "lavaojos" = "Eye-cup". But in the real world it seems to mean "Eyewash". (Like on bottles of eyewash and signs for emergency eyewash stations, etc.)

What is the best translation for "lavaojos"?

Is there a better translation for the word "Eyewash"?


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OK, I am not good with Spanish, obviously, so an English answer would have helped.... but i machine translated the definition given.

"Small glass cup with the rim fits the eye socket to a liquid applied to this drug."

I do not mean to sound like I think I am an expert, but if I understand that definition, I also disagree with it. That is why I came here to ask, and not a book definition.

The definition seems to reference a "drug", and also an eye-cup? how can that word be so all-inclusive? and why would they specify "glass"? not all eye-cups are glass, nor are for drugs. I think that is a lazy definition, and someone got carried away.

Isn't "lavaojos" a simple combination of "lavado" (wash) and "ojos" (eyes)? Just like "eye" + "wash" = "Eyewash" in English?

how could it be more appropriate to translate as "eye-cup" instead of "eyewash"?

...and what about signs like this? http://www.seguridadglobalnet.com.ar/detalle.asp?Id=1737&catSel=124

alt text

That sign has nothing to do with a "cup".... it is depicting an emergency eyewash station.

My other question also remains.... if "lavaojos" is not a pretty straightforward translation of "eyewash"... then what is better for "eyewash"?


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  1. m. Copa pequeña de cristal cuyo borde se adapta a la órbita del ojo con el fin de aplicar a este un líquido medicamentoso.

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Sounds like an eye-cup to me.

eye-wash....saline solution, boric acid, etc.

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