Learn German - Anything similar to Spanishdict?

Learn German - Anything similar to Spanishdict?


Hey, does anybody know if there are any sites similar to this for learning German? I find this site really works for me and really learn from it, I hope there is something similar to help me improve my german. :D

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While you guys are at it, do you know a similar site for French? - MeEncantanCarasSonrisas, ABR 21, 2010
If you see my post below, about mylanguageexchange.com, they have French pen pals there too. - April-Sarah, ABR 21, 2010

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I never found anything like site for German, but here is one site that is useful:

Paul Joyce German Course

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cool, i'll check it out. Gracias - twistandshout, ABR 21, 2010
great link dogbert - Izanoni1, ABR 21, 2010

There is one site called: www.mylanguageexchange.com where you can find online pen pals to write to in many other languages, including german.

You can just sign up, make a profile and wait for someone to write to you but you can't ask them first, or if you sign up as a "Gold Member" you have to pay but you can ask people to be your pen pals. If you want to, when you are a gold member you can give your pen pals your actual email address to write to so that you don't have to keep paying to contact them through the site.

I hope this makes sense, just check out the site if you want to. I am not a gold member but still have had a few people who are gold members ask me to be their pen pal. smile

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Oh that sounds good, but my german is sooooo bad! I hope this will help me improve. Thank you! - twistandshout, ABR 21, 2010

I'v searched for other free language sites, have'nt found any. I might not have researched as in depth as others folks.Most language coarses are a pay version.

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courses - ian-hill, ENE 16, 2011

other links (I found them on this forum scattered around) include:

http://radiolingua.com/shows/german/a-flavour-of-german/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/german/

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