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Help with Spanish homework? Please?


The question states "Cuando el gerente llegó, la secretaria, que es muy efeciente, ya ________ todas las entravistas" the answer choices are:

a) ha hacho b) haya hecho c) habia hecho d) hizo

I've been working on this question for some time, and I have already ruled out answer choices B and C. I am pretty sure it's A, but I really don't want to be wrong. Please tell me what you think the answer would be, and why.

Thank you!

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Hello Entonces. I'm sure that by now you know the rules about homework, in SD, right?

So why don't you tell us what you think, and we'll tell you whether it's right or not - and why?

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posted by Gekkosan
I am pretty sure it's A, but I really don't want to be wrong. - AvA126, ABR 21, 2010
Can you think of how it would be said in English? If so, A) means: "has made". Do you still think it fits? - Gekkosan, ABR 21, 2010
oh! okay, thank you. :) - AvA126, ABR 21, 2010

Usually 'haya' goes with 'para cuando' or 'cuando'.

para cuando haya llegado cuando haya llegado

updated ABR 21, 2010
posted by AntMexico
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