How do you say present perfect tense in spanish?

How do you say present perfect tense in spanish?


How do you say present perfect in spanish?

Is it correct to say "la sa"l or "el sal"?


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If you look in our dictionary you will see that for most contexts sal is a feminine noun.

It lists one context in which sal is a masculine noun. sal

So the answer is that it depends on the context in which you are using it.

One way to say "present perfect" [tense] is pretérito perfecto compuesto to differentiate it from the pretérito perfecto simple [or the preterite (simple past tense)].

(del modo indicativo o subjuntivo).

The lesson to remember here is that the phrase pretérito perfecto translates as "past perfected" in English. However, Past Perfect tense in English is the pluscuamperfecto or pretérito anterior in Spanish so confusion often arises when English words are used to describe Spanish tenses.

Indicative mood

pretérito imperfecto Hablaba imperfect past tense

pretérito perfecto simple Hablé [simple] past tense (preterite)

pretérito perfecto compuesto He hablado Present Perfect

pluscuamperfecto Había hablado Past Perfect

pretérito anterior Hube hablado Past Perfect

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