Dictionary Error: Placement of accent mark in "Taquigrafo"

Dictionary Error: Placement of accent mark in "Taquigrafo"


I show taquígrafo with the accent mark on letter "i" of the second syllable. Spanish.dict shows the accent mark on the "a" in the second to last syllable taquigráfo. If that were the syllable to be accentuated, the accent mark would be unneccesary according to the rules. Please advise which one is correct: taquígrafo or taquigráfo. Thank you.

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Looks like we have two different versions depending on the dictionary:

But I agree with you that the second version (with the á) doesn´t make much sense. In my opinon, taquígrafo is the correct version which is what Chambers Harrap and the RAE have.

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According to the RAE dictionary:

taquígrafo, fa.

(Del gr. ?????, pronto, rápido, y ??grafo).

  1. m. y f. Persona que sabe o profesa la taquigrafía.

  2. m. Aparato registrador de velocidad.

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Good catch, by the way!

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