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Why isn't the translation accurate?


bold text Why isn't the translation accurate?

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By the 'translation' do you mean the translation machine? If so .... the reasons that translation machines are inaccurate at times especially when Translating back into English is because some of the words/phrases in other languages simply don' t exist in English or require additional words to be added to make the sentance make (more) sense. Some words like 'does' are not used in Spanish but need to be inserted for a more fluent translation. back into English.

eg a typical machine translation could offer

Sp: El no quiere salir su casa = Eng: He not wish leave his house

but a more accurate human translation would read " he does Not want to leave his house." As you see a translation machine often fails s to translate words that have no direct equivalent in the other langauge.

Okay in English does not have a direct equivalent in Spanish but can sometimes be translated as either está bien or vale depending on the situation or even estoy d'accuerdo =I agree

I hope this helps.

I tried the machine here.. the results were disappointing as you can see

----------- Machine Translation ---------------- the not its house wants to leave

----------- Original Text ---------------- el no quiere salir su casa

Slighty better result was achieved with Babylon translation:

"it does not want to go out its house"

the problem is that in spanish 'el' can be translated as he/ she/ or it and machines seem to normally go for the neutral 'it'
It only goes to show that nothing compares with the skill of learning a foreign language and translating intelligently.

One of the better language translators available on Smart phones such as Backberry is the NAVITA translator which is made in Brazil. it seems to be more accurate than most other ones I have used/tried.It is available through Blackberry.com/blackberry app World

No, don't have shares in them I just want to help people find toolstht assist them in learning languages

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

We would love to help you, but unfortunately, your question is not clear. You have to explain which translation you are referring to.

If you are asking why the translation feature on this site is not accurate, there are many reasons for this. This site offers the top three translation search engines. However,for many reasons, no translation search engine is capable to present a perfect "word for word" translation for every sentence.

If you would like to have something translated, why not post a thread here in the forum. Someone will gladly help you. smile

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That's a wonderful thoughtful answer Feliz77 but don't you honestly believe what I do (that there is a box full of monkey with a keyboard)..... como decimos en español... jejeje

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