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Puede estar equivocado VS Podría estar equivocado


Do these both mean you could be mistaken? Pimsleur uses puede here to mean could, and google seems to agree. Any thoughts? Gracias.

updated ABR 20, 2010
posted by jeezzle

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I see them as:

"Puede estar equivocado" -"(you) can /may be wrong"

"Podría estar equivocado": - "(anyone) could be wrong".

updated ABR 20, 2010
posted by Gekkosan
The wierd thing is that MAY = COULD and not CAN. You can be wrong = You are not infallable. You might be wrong = You might not be right. In my mind Podria - Could, might, may, should... Puede = Can. Therein lies the issue that I cannot grasp well. - jeezzle, ABR 20, 2010
Ah... I'm not entirely sure I understood everything that confuses you, but I can offer this bit: perhaps it'll help. - Gekkosan, ABR 20, 2010
If I want to say "you can be wrong" (coz you're not infallible), then a better option might be: "usted puede equivocarse" - "tú puedes equivocarte". - Gekkosan, ABR 20, 2010
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