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Recycling, Bins. and The right bins :D


Does this make sense?

En mi region, Debe haber mas reciclaje porque muchas personas no saben como reciclar?

I intended to say, In my region, there needs to be more recycling because many people don't know how to.

I want to change the last bit to because many people do not have the right bins.

(FYI; in england there are green bins specially for recycling so that's why i'm saying RIGHT bins) :D

updated ABR 20, 2010
posted by darksunshine

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Not sure but.....

En mi región, el público necesita reciclar mas y usa las containadores de reciclaje corectas cuales son las de verde.

"In my region, the people need to recycle more and use the correct recycle containers, that are the green ones."

As always, corrections from a native speaker are encouraged.

updated ABR 20, 2010
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posted by MexGuy
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