what does "gouache" translate to in english?

what does "gouache" translate to in english?


I was reading a biography of Fernando Botero, and found this in a list of the type of art that he displayed in his first gallery. It was in a list with watercolors and ink.


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It's a type of paint. I found this online.


the name of which derives from the Italian guazzo, water paint, splash or bodycolor (the term preferred by art historians) is a type of paint consisting of pigment suspended in water. Gouache differs from watercolor in that the particles are larger, the ratio of pigment to water is much higher, and an additional, inert, white pigment such as chalk is also present. Like all watermedia, it is diluted with water. (Gum Arabic is also present as a binding agent, just as in watercolor.) This makes gouache heavier and more opaque, with greater reflective qualities

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