To all Native English Speakers: Please correct our students of English;)

To all Native English Speakers: Please correct our students of English;)


I have seen this often: we correct learners of Spanish all the time, but what about the students of English?

I only today saw this, said by our friend bunburry (from Spain) :

¿Me pueden corregir esto y todos mis posts?

We have a lot of Spanish speakers who do not get corrected, our very proficient Carlos , bunburry, mili, there are a lot. I cannot name them all. All of them are asking for corrections, please, if you see any mistakes, correct them.grin

Two new Spanish speaking natives asking for corrections: Santi and Viajero, please correct their mistakes!

Viajero Santi

I am not including myself...so as not to tire youraspberry I never ever make mistakes anyway, so...LOL (I appreciate corrections toowink )

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I wouldn't dare :):) - ian-hill, ABR 18, 2010
Maybe I'll correct you, may be I won't. :) jejejeje - Nicole-B, ABR 18, 2010
Nicole, did you just catch the "may be" bug? Shall we call that the Heidita virus? :))))) - Rikko, ABR 18, 2010
OK Heidi - you asked for it so here goes. "English speaking natives" could refer to anyone who speaks English. What you should have written is "Native English Speakers" Agreed? - ian-hill, ABR 19, 2010
Heidita, new picture again! Is this your going-90K look? :) - Rikko, ABR 19, 2010
nice pic Heidita - oh, and voted of course. ;) - galsally, ABR 20, 2010
I am willing to correct mistakes but I won't be looking for them please be aware that I may make typing mistakes in both languages even though I can usually spell accurately in English hahahha - FELIZ77, MAY 19, 2010

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Heidita, maybe you can post this as "Heidita's 2 Simple Rules in SD":

Rule # 1. I never make mistakes.

Rule # 2. If you noticed that I made a mistake, please see Rule # 1.


But seriously, I think it is not that simple a matter to just correct someone else's mistakes unless they do say that they would welcome corrections. Even if we mean well, we may just be seen as presumptuous by others.

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posted by Rikko
omg...:::rolling on the floor:: - 00494d19, ABR 19, 2010
Yes, I understand what you mean until requests have been made it can sometimes come across as arrogant to correct people - FELIZ77, MAY 19, 2010

It would be fantastic to be able to help as so many people take the time to correct my (Spanish) posts. I have seen errors in the (English) written word but didn't know if it was appropriate that I be the one to point them out....

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Okay Bunbury. Here I go.. "It is certainly appropriate. Thanks...." :) - nonombre, ABR 18, 2010
And whoever voted for me, just then, thanks - I've now clawed my way to "5k"... - nonombre, ABR 18, 2010
iEnhorabuena, 4Annie! :) - Rikko, ABR 18, 2010

I seldom get corrected, everybody is afraid of me

It's not that we're afraid as much as it is that, for most of us, when we see your errors we naturally just tend to chalk it up as another example of your "unique" typing style at work - you know, the way in which you like to type only while wearing extremely thick oven mits, and they way that you always like to grease up your keyboard before you get started, and thats not even mentioning your peculiar phobia of the "backspace" and "delete" keys. tongue rolleye

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Brutal, but very funny. - Lrtward, ABR 18, 2010
I got flagged for this? All I can say is "Wow!" - Izanoni1, ABR 18, 2010
I feel your pain Ira. :( - Nicole-B, ABR 18, 2010
lololololol - Desael, ABR 18, 2010
This is an inside joke by a very well respected member. There is no need to flag. - Nicole-B, ABR 18, 2010
Yes, certainly this person doesn't know about our local idiosyncrasy. Therefore I will be the pleasure to remove those flags... - Carlos-F, ABR 18, 2010
Muchas gracias Carlos. - Nicole-B, ABR 18, 2010
wow izan...good one! - hlsbookworm, ABR 18, 2010
Carlos F, "I will be the pleasure"? Of whom, may I ask? Jejejeje - Rikko, ABR 18, 2010
omg.....rikki, great!!! lol - 00494d19, ABR 19, 2010
Querido Carlos, they are playing with you. It should be "It will be my pleasure..," sólo si tú quieras ser el mero placer, Ja, Ja. - 005faa61, ABR 19, 2010
lol, great izan - 00494d19, ABR 20, 2010
Diablos....¿cómo pude decir eso? jajajajaja. Realmente quería decir "I will have the pleasure" instead "I will be....".... - Carlos-F, ABR 20, 2010

I'm guilty. I think, like many here, that I've been taught that it's rude to correct another person's grammar. And I tend to forget that the Spanish speakers that are here are here to improve their English.

As Nizhoni said, we should feel that it's safe to assume any post on here had the potential to be critiqued as it is a learning site.

She's right. I'm sorry I've not done so well on correcting the Spanish speakers, and promise to do better from now on.

In Heidita's case, though, it won't be any fun unless I can put her in the dunce corner. {evil laugh} snake

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Weird but I have been thinking that Nizhoni was a man all this time. :)) - ian-hill, ABR 19, 2010
OOOOOOhhh when you send her to the dunce corner, send everyone a pm so we won't miss it! :) jejejejeje - Valerie, ABR 20, 2010

De hecho me gustaría poder contar con más ejercicios en inglés para poder verificar si mejoro o estoy estancado.

No hace mucho le comentaba a Heidita que me gustaría poder encontrarme con algo parecido a las transcripciones que hago en español, pero a la inversa, es decir en inglés.

¿Porqué no graban textos en inglés para poder saber como está la capacidad de escuchar y entender de los hispano hablantes?

El error es inherente al aprendizaje. Es por eso que también he invitado a todos los que se atrevan a conversar vía skype, sin temor a los errores, ya que ambos los cometeremos y de paso aprenderemos....

Gran idea la de Heidita la de corregirnos mutuamente.....

In any case I am never wrong or make mistakes

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posted by Carlos-F
¿Alguien dijo que tiene que hacerlo Heidita? Bienvenido sea si ella lo hace, pero además de ella, aquí hay mucha gente capacitada, solo que en general la preferencia la ha tenido la ayuda a los angloparlantes... - Carlos-F, ABR 18, 2010
Una de las cosas por las que este foro se caracteriza es por el respeto a los demás. También se debe conocer el ambiente o la idiosincracia del sitio. También existen personas que tienen un sentido del humor especial .... - Carlos-F, ABR 18, 2010
...y sus intervenciones no implican que están faltando el respeto a nadie. - Carlos-F, ABR 18, 2010
Carlos, el ejercicio se publicará en cuanto tenga mi monitor, que se me ha muerto, sobre el skype tambiñen hablamos - 00494d19, ABR 19, 2010
I had a bit of trouble with the last sentence that is in red until I looked at it backwards... - fatchocobo, ABR 19, 2010
jejeje...just a joke...the backwards text - Carlos-F, ABR 20, 2010
I thought that your writing in red was written in a foreign language until I saw that it was written backwards it was easy to understand it after that - FELIZ77, MAY 19, 2010

I've been corrected more than once and I really appreciate when somebody corrects my English. I will never stop learning it, and the only way to improve it is knowing what I'm doing wrong.

Of course, don't even dare to correct my Spanish or I'll stab you.

alt text




Just to avoid misunderstandings. My last statement is a joke. You are also allowed to correct my Spanish.alt text

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jeje, así da gusto;) - 00494d19, ABR 19, 2010
Stab !!! Heidi cuts heads off :) - ian-hill, ABR 19, 2010
lol... - Benz, ABR 19, 2010
I *love* the guy with the sword!! - --Mariana--, ABR 19, 2010
I laughed - nizhoni1, ABR 19, 2010
Jejeje...I love it - Izanoni1, ABR 19, 2010
Histérico. - Nicole-B, ABR 19, 2010
How do add those kinds of pictures and where do you get them from? - Rey_Mysterio, ABR 19, 2010

My two cents.

I participate here with the understanding that this is a learning place, both for Spanish and English. Heck, there have been a number of Portuguese and French questions answered, as well, and I seem to recall seeing something in Danish or some such..? grin

We regularly get treated to spelling and grammar atrocities that are posted by people who presumably are native speakers of the language in which they're writing, eg: "how you say hello in spinol? reply immediately!!".

So in my view, corrections should be a regular part of the activities that all members perform. I believe that if anyone catches a spelling or grammar mistake, he or she should point it out, regardless of what his or her native language is.

I think there are polite ways of doing that, so no feelings ought to be hurt. Sometimes that could even lead to more learning opportunities. Point in case, some of the comments that have been made when someone writes the past tense of "to spell" as "spelt." Pointing it out as an error is an opportunity for some of us to learn that "spelt" is in fact a correct, if not the preferred, spelling of that form of the verb.

I don't mind being wrong and being corrected. I delight in finding new words, and even discovering that I had been living for years with the wrong definition for a word in my mind. I see learning as an ongoing process with no end in sight!

Rudeness and idiocy, now, those are things that definitely should be avoided. But the first one isn't what this thread is about, and the second - it seems like it cannot be avoided, to judge from some of the posts that appear on a daily basis. (Mostly from ephemeral contributors, thank goodness!)

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I would gladly make corrections as long as I know the other person wouldn't be offended. I think the majority of corrections on this site are done to the daily or regular posts where people are asked to check for their corrections.

Once in awhile there is someone learning both Spanish and English that I have corrected. However, for some reason, in some of the other threads I don't feel comfortable correcting someone's English when my Spanish leaves a lot to be desired. If we make this a habit though, I would be happy to make corrections.

I think some of us love Nila's threads because she is asking for our help with English. At least with her threads I feel like I am able to contribute. wink

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posted by Nicole-B
Gracias Bunbury. I'm afraid you will have to do a lot of correcting for me. :) - Nicole-B, ABR 18, 2010
ditto with the nila threads nicole. :) - galsally, ABR 19, 2010

Yes, this is a good idea. One other thing though, if you want it corrected, please say and people are more likely to notice and give help!

Sí, eso es una buena idea. Uno mas cosa aunque, si tu gusta lo corregrid, por favor habla y personas es mas probable a aviso y ayudar.

Please correct my Spanish! (just being a role model, even though I am not a Spanish native learning English! tongue rolleye)

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otra cosa más - 00494d19, ABR 18, 2010

As you can see, bun really W A N T S corrections, LOL

I hope everybody does, I do too, I seldom get corrected, everybody is afraid of meLOL

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Esto se debe a que controla de acceso a la esquina burro. - Moe, ABR 18, 2010
Afraid?? No....Mmm, well, perhaps a tad nervous... - nonombre, ABR 18, 2010
Oh to have such power! - Yeser007, ABR 18, 2010
Not afraid. Terrified, horrified, or aghast would be more like it. But Heidita, I see you as the spice that gives the unique flavor to SD and maybe that's why so many are coming back for more. ;) - Rikko, ABR 18, 2010
Is my nose turning brown from fear? :)))) - Rikko, ABR 18, 2010
Your nose is growing, Rikko - nizhoni1, ABR 18, 2010
A brown-nosed terrified Pinocchio then. I think I wished upon a wrong star. :=====( - Rikko, ABR 18, 2010
Heidita I questioned one of your translations recently But I am not sure if you saw it - FELIZ77, MAY 19, 2010

I've had to rein in my tendency to want to correct "obviously" incorrect English (usually improper word usage rather than strictly improper grammar), but I've given a couple of suggested corrections after looking at the poster's profile to see if their proficiency in English is listed. I won't give any suggestions for those who list Fluent, but for Advanced and under I figure it couldn't hurt.

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Ditto. Grammar in the U.S. has become so bad that correcting the natives would be a task worthy of Sisyphus. - 008f2974, ABR 19, 2010
I totally agree with what you have said here. - Delores--Lindsey, MAY 19, 2010
I have frequently said that I am not sure I can speak even one language properly, and I am here to have my Spanish improved not my English, but I recognize the English should be corrected for those who are trying to learn it - Stadt, SEP 30, 2010

I always felt it was safe to assume any post on here has the potential to be critiqued as it is a learning site. I always wondered why some people make the point to ask for correction, even every day.

I do notice that many corrections I made went unnoted. After a while I stopped with certain people. I do not need a "thanks" just the acknowledgement by the correction or a request for explanation.I focus more on word order than word choice just because that seems a starting point.I can offer other words if that is what someone wants .If the word choice is way off I correct that.

Thanks for the post Heidita.

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Niz - It's me, Moe the mischeif. You wrote "critiqued as it a learning site." I think you meant "as it is a lea..." - Moe, ABR 18, 2010
Thanks Moe. I must think I am telepathic at times! - nizhoni1, ABR 18, 2010

Nametaken asked

I was wondering if people would like comments that are not really corrections, but how I would say it to make the sentence sound a little more natural?

There are two types of corrections which I believe you may be alluding to: Grammar and rhetoric. Grammar refers to the set of rules by which sentences are made (word order, subject verb agreement, etc). Rhetoric refers to the arrangement of words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs in such a way that the writing engages and sustains the readers attention.

When you tell someone that there is a better way to say something, you are effectively making a comment regarding their use of rhetoric.

You could preface your suggestion with something like: While, grammatically speaking, there is nothing wrong with your sentence, it would sound less forced/more natural were you to say something along the lines of... or Here is something that you might consider to make your sentence sound more natural....

If you do decide to give advice of this nature, you might want to realize that what might sound a bit stiff to you, might sound perfectly natural to an English speaker from another area/region/country (that is to say, it might be an issue of usage and not rhetoric). If you recognize this to be the case it might also be helpful to let the person know what part of the world you are from. For example, "In Texas, it would probably sound more natural to just say something like...."

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Excellent answer, thank you very muc Izanoni :-). - --Jen--, MAY 28, 2010
great - 00494d19, MAY 28, 2010

Me parece una excelente idea.

En mi caso particular, yo no tengo ningún problema de que me corrijan cuando cometa algún gazapo, ya sea en inglés o en español. Es la única manera de aprender. Muchísimas veces cometemos errores al escribir, en cualesquiera de los dos idiomas, que pasan desapercibidos por el lector, ya sea porque escribimos muy rápido y se nos pasa, o porque simplemente lo hemos escrito siempre de tal o cual manera y nos parece apropiado. Sin embargo, siempre habrá unos más perspicaces que otros.

Definitivamente SpanishDict.com es un lugar para aprender, tanto inglés como español y en el foro participan personas con profundos conocimientos de los dos idiomas. Yo soy un apasionado del idioma bien hablado y bien escrito, por tanto, les ruego a las personas que detecten algún error en mis escritos, en cualesquiera de los dos idiomas, que me corrijan. Mil gracias.

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Hi Bunbury

As Heidi has intimated that you require corrections, may I offer the following alterations to profile description.

A spaniard , trying to help people who love to learn different languages , like me . A native Spaniard and " Jungleboy advanced" in English . Dont be shy . Ask what you want . It's free today


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