to clarify "type" for adding to the phrasebook

to clarify "type" for adding to the phrasebook


I was adding to the phrasebook here and was unable to pick the "type" since I did not know what the meaning of what was on the drop down list so I spent some time looking up what each category meant to the best of my knowledge:

euphemism: an expression used so as not to offend such as "full figured" instead of fat; "feeling no pain" instead of drunk

jargon: specialized word or phrase used in a trade or profession such as "liftoff" meaning the launching a rocket.

idiom: an expression which you can't translate literally such as "kick the bucket" for dying or "free for all" which usually means a disorderly fight.

colloquialism: an informal expression or word that changes with the times used in casual conversation. For example "cool"; "dude"; "far out".

literal: let's take the above idiom "kick the bucket" which if taken literally would give you a picture of a person's boot coming into contact with that tin bucket sitting by the porch.

slang: a glaring misuse of the written language as a few linguists express and it is usually used by a limited number of people in certain groups such as teens when they don't want the "oldies" to understand what they are talking about.

I hope this helps and I also hope that I receive a copy in my email since I will also need it.

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Good idea foxluv - ian-hill, ABR 18, 2010

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Very nice, fox, thanks a lot, very usefulgrin

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