Get the pink sheet

Get the pink sheet


Get the pink card (coge la cartulina rosa)

Get the pink sheet (coge el papel rosa)

I am not sure of the exact meaning of "card" and "sheet" and I would like to know it.

Thank you.

updated ABR 18, 2010
posted by nila45

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Get the pink sheet of paper. (one particular piece of paper)

Get the pink paper. (possibly one piece of paper or a pile of paper)

construction paper - multi-colored paper used in children's projects that's a little thicker than paper

Get me the pink construction paper. (because I'm doing an art project)

card - heavy weight paper usually smaller than a 8 1/2 x 11, tarjeta, carta, cartulina

Get me the pink card. (a specific small thick piece of paper or a pink birthday card or a pink credit card)

We have time cards at work to punch in a time clock. (small green cards made of thick paper)

If I wanted something printed on cartulina, I'd say: Print that on the thick paper/heavyweight paper/card stock. I wouldn't just say: Print it on card.

I have a credit card and an insurance card in my wallet.
I like to play cards. I got a lot of Christmas cards.

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posted by alba3
Great answer! - --Mariana--, ABR 18, 2010
Wow - nila45, ABR 18, 2010

cartulina: construction paper

Get lo interpretaría como: coge, pero de un sitio algo lejano.

take the pink paper...debería ser sheet of paper, pero yo digo paper y en pazraspberry

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posted by 00494d19
I agree with Heidi. "Sheet of paper" = hoja de papel - --Mariana--, ABR 18, 2010
construction paper = thicker than paper, thinner than card, comes in many colors, usually used in children's art projects - alba3, ABR 18, 2010
Thank you, Alba - nila45, ABR 18, 2010

we use "pink slip" in two ways:

  1. getting laid off job - "he was given a pink slip today at work"
  2. the title for a vehicle - "the pink slip was signed over to me."
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sorry, misunderstood your question O.O - AKgal, ABR 18, 2010
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