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When saying verbs, e.g. hacer in the form 'hace' how is the ending pronunced? is it an 'ee' sound or an 'ay'

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updated ABR 17, 2010
posted by Robynashers

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The "e" in hace sounds like the "e" in let. It's short and doesn't "bend" like it does in some English words. Pronouncing it like "eight" (without the final "t") sounds wrong - to my ears at least (I'm not a native speaker though). I hope this helps you.

updated ABR 17, 2010
posted by patch

Hola, RobynAshers:

• In Spanish, all letters are pronounced all the time, except the h, which is always silent in Spanish words.

• The advantage of the Spanish vowels (a,e,i,o,u,) is that each one always sounds exactly the same, no matter what other vowels or consonants it has nearby.

One of our members, Nila, brought this web site to our attention just today ----> alfabeto. There are example words beside each letter. If you place your curser on the letter "e" and then on the word "baile", it is fair to say that the "e" at the end of "hace" is pronounced exactly like the e at the end of baile. If choosing between the choices you suggested, choose "ay."

updated ABR 17, 2010
posted by Moe

If you look the word up in the SPanishdict dictionary and click on the little speaker to the right of the word it will "say" it.

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posted by nizhoni1

A few weeks ago, Benz, one of the experts here in SD shared a link to some very good materials to use in learning Spanish. One of them is a book entitled "Correct Your Spanish Blunders" by Jean Yates. The first section of that book deals with pronunciations and I am quoting below her advise on how to correctly pronounce the vowels in Spanish. The "?" mark precedes the wrong pronunciation. I hope this helps.

Quoted from "Correct Your Spanish Blunders" by Jean Yates:


Do not pronounce a single vowel with two vowel sounds.

a pronounced like the a in “father,” but cut short: taco ? ta uh co

e pronounced like the e in “bet”: bueno ? bwayno

i pronounced like the i in “machine,” but cut short: fino

o pronounced like the beginning of o in “open”

Do not glide into an /ow/ sound: fino. ? finow ? tacow

u pronounced like the beginning of u in “tuba”

Do not make a /yu/ sound: Cuba. ? kyuwba

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posted by Rikko

It´s ay. smile

updated ABR 17, 2010
posted by 007d3a4d
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