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The common Spanish expression: "comprar algo con tiempo" is literally translated as to "buy something with time". For instance, one might say "compré los billetes con tiempo suficiente para que no saliesen caros", literally translated as: "I bought the tickets with enough time so that they wouldnt be too expensive".

Is that a generally approved expression in English or would one have to say: "I bought the tickets in advance..." ?

Thank you!

updated ABR 17, 2010
posted by csaenzdetejada

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Hola, Csaenzdeteja:

How many ways to say this in English?? Consider:


  • I bought the tickets at the lower advance sale price (as you suggested)

  • I bought the tickets "far enough ahead' for the lower price ("far enough ahead" being similar to "con tiempo suficiente")

  • I got the tickets at the early bird discount price.

  • I paid for the tickets early and got the reduced price.


Lets wait and see if people can remember or suggest other ways to say the same thing.

Muchos saludos/Best regards,


updated ABR 17, 2010
posted by Moe

Thank you Moe!

So helpful and efficient!

Saludos C

updated ABR 17, 2010
posted by csaenzdetejada
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