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Start a story in Spanish?


I'm writing a story in Spanish for my class. I'm in Spanish 1, so my word choices are very limited. I need to know how to start a story about a fork and a spoon that go to the park. (Dont laugh, I know, its cheesy.) I dont know what to start out with. So basically, first I need to describe the characters, then I will go into how they go to the park and such. HELP ME!

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"Erase una vez, una cuchara y un tenedor que fueron al parque juntos..." then start adding more words...

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A couple of other options for starting could be "Una vez" (without the "Habia") or perhaps "Se dice que". There are lots more but let's stay simple.

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It's original so why should anyone laugh?

You can find the words for fork - spoon - park and walk in the dictionary.

You can also use the translator above.

Keep the sentences short and use correct English grammar.

Start the story with Había una vez (a fork and a spoon etc. etc.)

When you have written something send it here and we will help you.

Good luck.

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