Se ve grande

Se ve grande


I am not entirely sure about what was exactly said, but a student said that to me after I kept him from going into a classroom that he isn't a part of.

I think that he basically said that I think that I am big, like a challenge to my authority, and that I can't do that to him.

I think that he said it because I am obviously a 'gringo' and that I shouldn't understand what he said.

I would like to know what he said, and what it means. He is most likely Puerto Rican or from the Dominican Republic, if that helps you to understand better what he said.

updated ABR 15, 2010
posted by Nathaniel

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Interesting, Nathan.

Se ve grande. O

In Spain this would make no sense in the context.

However, in the given context, I would guess, that he meant to say:

(Usted) se ve grande= you think you are a big/important man.

What was his expression like?

I think you did well, everybody has to know that he has to be on time or cannot do what he wants. (not that you need this confirmation, but anyway...)

updated ABR 15, 2010
posted by 00494d19
It was something like Se ve grande or te ves grande. He didn't seem happy that I stopped him. - Nathaniel, ABR 15, 2010

Te ves grande same thing.

I think this is it.

He said: So you think you are somebody..

updated ABR 15, 2010
posted by 00494d19
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