"guata" "tu ni me chele"

"guata" "tu ni me chele"


Can some one help me translate this? Slang and maybe dominican spanish?

"mi negro bello mi guata pero diablo ya yo veo k tu ni me chele ni na nose pork pero no ya tu save pork aki dejandote pila de love y poniendo a brillar tu page... cuidate mucho y pila de kiss mi amor"

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posted by Jody
see comments on Luisa's post ;) - alba3, ABR 15, 2010

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This is crazy, but here I go... please know that I am not totally sure.

My pretty baby my guata* but devilish I see that you don't "chele" me or anything. I don't know why don't you already know why here leaving you pila* of/with love and making your page shine... Take good care of yourself and pila of kiss, my love.

*I found this... Un guate callo es un ser sumiso, arrastrado, que trata de conquistar a una chica y esta no lo toma en cuenta. A pesar del poco interes de la chica por él, éste insiste una y otra vez para agradar a la chica sin lograrlo. Ejemplo: La Wendolyn ni está interesada en tí, no seas guate callo con ella. But I don't know if this applies here.

*Pila can refer to something like "full of", "energized"... "Pila" can mean battery.

My guesses are:

K = que Ni na = ni nada Nose = no sé pork = por qué Aki = aquí

Good luck.

updated ABR 15, 2010
posted by LuisaGomezBartle
Thanks very helpful - I think you are right about pork = porque - that was a real mystery until you pointed it out - same with nose... THX! - Jody, ABR 15, 2010
If I understand "guata" and "chele" i think I would understand the context of what is being said. - Jody, ABR 15, 2010
I think it might be saying: Mi negro bello me aguanta pero diablo. (I'll wait, but d*mn.) Ya yo veo que tú ni me chele (?) ni nada. No sé por qué pero no. Ya tú sabes porque. - alba3, ABR 15, 2010
Being that there are English words in this "pila" could be an attempt at "pile" un montón de love/kisses - just at thought...who knows? ;) - alba3, ABR 15, 2010
oh, I just looked at your other post "te chelo mucho" must be his way of saying I love you or I care about you. So...You don't even love me or anything. - alba3, ABR 15, 2010
Maybe it is: My black beauty. I'll wait but damn. I see that you don't love me or anything. I don't know why but no. You already know why. Here leaving you full of love and making your page shine... Take good care of yourself and loads of kiss, my love. - Jody, ABR 15, 2010
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