How we are treating the people who are helping so much on this site:)

How we are treating the people who are helping so much on this site:)


There was a recent thread where a member mentioned that a certain newbie might not have been treated correctly. And a frequent forer was even flagged!smirk

However, my concern is : Why do we never get a thread on how the people who help so much on this site are treated?

Well, I would like this thread to be this: A special thanks to all those who help so much here grin and often even get nasty PMs as a "thanks" rolleyes

Especially members who spend a lot of time editing others' mistakes or misspellings should get all the support they deservegrin

And let's not talk about the members who open a thread every single day, others who moderate those threads, those who have wonderful ideas to open new threads, those with the A-Z threads...I mean, I am not committing the error to mention any names as I am sure to forget somebody , jeje

Many thanks of behalf of the whole forum, I do believe I am speaking on behalf of everybodysmile

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I totally agree with Heidita and Marianne,

Logging onto this site has become a fixture in my daily routine (a.k.a. "addictive" wink ) and I thoroughly enjoy reading questions that have bothered me but I've not gotten round to post, mistakes that I make aswell and try to correct as soon as I read about them and the cordial general atmosphere smile.

I've always loved to learn languages but as a result of regularly visiting this site I've stuck to my plan and have actually reached a level at which I am able to converse in Spanish (especially if the other person is patient...).

Small anecdote that made me smile: I recently posted something that had already been posted, which I had overlooked. So I erased the content of my post and replaced it with "Please delete", in the header aswell, but forgot to PM an admin and ask for it to be deleted at the same time. So I got a perfectly polite response to my post from a new member, telling me to insert "please delete" in the translator.... snake.

Thanks for all your help, guys! For all the correcting, discussing, setting examples, motivating and joking around.

Abrazos, Chica

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jejeje - h1deaway, ABR 14, 2010
jejje, what a funny story:) thanks for staying with us:-) - 00494d19, ABR 14, 2010
:) - chicasabrosa, ABR 14, 2010
anecdote (although in Greek I believe it might be spelled with a "k" - anekdota) - Izanoni1, ABR 14, 2010
gotten - not a word........if you don't mind fixing that so people who are learning English do not get confused;) thanks - R_5_Q_U_3_L, ABR 14, 2010
gotten is a word, the past participle of got, "that I've not gotten around to posting." ;) - alba3, ABR 14, 2010
I'm positive "gotten" is correct, English used to be my best subject! - chicasabrosa, ABR 15, 2010

Thank you, Heidita, for posting this.

I really admire the people who help on this forum and I learn from them everyday.

This is a great place to be and I'm proud to be a member!

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posted by --Mariana--
Thank Y O U, Marianne:) - 00494d19, ABR 14, 2010
you are an extra-ordinary helpful member, Marianne - Rikko, ABR 14, 2010

To all of you who spend your time making contributions to the site, helping us, answering our questions, taking the time to explain an answer, motivating and encouraging us to learn more, I wholeheartedly thank you.

This site and its popularity are a direct result of your efforts, and I can't imagine what Span¡shD!ct would be like without you.

¡Muchisimas gracias!

When I was in school, it was common to give the teacher an apple. So, here, have one!

alt text

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posted by h1deaway
ohhhhhhhhhhh, an apple for the teacher, I love it, thanks hide:) I know this is for everybody, there are a lot:):) jeje - 00494d19, ABR 14, 2010
Exactly! You are quite welcome! - h1deaway, ABR 14, 2010

I have already mentioned a few times that this is the greatest virtual community I have ever encountered - and I have been to a few!

Although there is occasional friction, as is to be expected on any healthy community of human beings, I have been very happily surprised by the civility of the tone of even the most heated discussions, and by how in the end there is nearly always a friendly and peaceful solution.

The capacity to "agree to disagree" that this Forum shows is unmatched.

I openly admit I have become seriously addicted, as I find here a fun and stimulating environment, where I can exercise my brain and find a constructive distraction from the daily work routine.

A toast to all the administrators and members who make this place possible!


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posted by Gekkosan
We are lucky to have you here, gekko, además estoy celosa de tu avatar, todo el mundo ha dicho lo guapo que eres y a mí nadie, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, jejejeje - 00494d19, ABR 14, 2010
I am completely addicted, too. I am wondering who took my picture and put it up as the picture of the day yesterday (baby on father's lap in front of computer)! Just kidding. :-p - danrivera, ABR 14, 2010
omg....lol - 00494d19, ABR 14, 2010
I agree with you Gekk... It's highly addictive... a pity my holidays are over... buuuaaaaaaaa - Benz, ABR 14, 2010
you're an admirable contributor here, Gekkosan - Rikko, ABR 14, 2010
*blush* Thanks guys! - Gekkosan, ABR 15, 2010

Heidita, I know I am new, but I agree whole-heartedly! grin I am so enjoying the learning from the threads on this forum. I must admit that these last few days I have been disturbed by the lack of correct grammar, spelling, phrasing, word choices, etc. by people who list themselves as fluent in English and get offended if they are corrected.

Thank you for your endless efforts in editing my responses!!

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posted by AKgal
Thanks a lot, akg, we are glad you like it here:) - 00494d19, ABR 14, 2010

The other day, I was thinking about how many new and friendly members had been added to the forum recently. After reading all of these answers, I can see I was right. smile

Of course I love all of our more experienced, faithful forers as well! wink

I think together the future of this site looks brighter than ever....if that is possible!!

Muchas gracias por este hilo Heidi!! smile

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posted by Nicole-B
I think of you as the mother-figure of SD. So full of kindness and concern. It feels good just to be in the same "room" with you. - Rikko, ABR 14, 2010

I think it is more heartfelt if one says thank you in his native tongue, so may I say in Filipino - "Maraming salamat sa iyong lahat!" (Thank you very much everyone!) (¡Muchas gracias a todos!)

updated ABR 14, 2010
posted by Rikko
now that was really difficult to undestand, jeje - 00494d19, ABR 14, 2010
If you're thinking of setting up a FilipinoDict, let me know. :-))))) - Rikko, ABR 14, 2010

cool smile I agree wholeheartedly excaim As a newbie and someone who could use some constructive criticism (most likely often!), accepta mis muhcas gracias, por favor!

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posted by chica_rica
Welome to the forum, chica:) - 00494d19, ABR 14, 2010

I'm new here, too, and I just want to echo what everyone else has said. I spend an embarrassingly large part of my day on this forum, and I am always amazed at the quality and quantity of help that is available.

I am so appreciative of every correction that's been made. I hope that eventually I'll gain more confidence in my knowledge, and become more of a "giver" than a "taker". Thanks to all of you who make this site so great!

I have to admit that whenever I see that Benz has posted, for some reason a little voice in my head says "Benz", similar to the people saying "Norm" on Cheers. LOL Don't ask me why rolleyes

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posted by mar959
Yes, I love coming here and seeing all the old regulars, as well as the new people. - --Mariana--, ABR 14, 2010
When I see "Benz" I think Mercedes = Quality. - ian-hill, ABR 14, 2010
Not sure how being compared to an overweight, middle-aged, drunk man with marital problems screams "quality," but hey, to each his own. :) - Izanoni1, ABR 14, 2010
I don't get that Iza - am I being extra thick today? :) - ian-hill, ABR 14, 2010
@Ian: Have you never seen the TV show "Cheers" that Mar959 was alluding to? - Izanoni1, ABR 14, 2010
I am in the USA and I have never watched it... but I have heard of it. - danrivera, ABR 14, 2010
Yikes, I hope Benz doesn't think I'm comparing her to an overweight, middle-aged, drunk man with marital problems, 'cause that's not what I meant! I actually think it's because of the single syllable name and she's a regular! - mar959, ABR 14, 2010
I got that..."where everybody knows your name..." reference mar959...I was only kidding - Izanoni1, ABR 14, 2010
Whew! Thanks for easing my mind, Izanoni1! - mar959, ABR 14, 2010
Exactly. Remeber, every time Norm walked in the door of the bar, everyone would yell 'Norm'. - h1deaway, ABR 14, 2010
jajajaja this was certainly funny... especially because I'm N O T an overweight, middle-aged, drunk woman with marital problems!!! not even close jajaja ... ;) - Benz, ABR 14, 2010

I don't spend much time in this section, but I ask a question from time to time, and I am thankful to everyone who answers, and to everyone who makes this section what it is. I try to contribute at least as much help as I have received, but it is difficult because I am very new at this. Thanks again to everyone who takes the time out of their day to help other people learn a new language.

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posted by Jsanthara
thanks a lot on behalf of everybody:) - 00494d19, ABR 14, 2010

I am so thankful for this thread. We often neglect to tell our administrators, people who edit, and otherwise help and give support how much we appreciate them. The problem is how do you thank people for giving you something that is priceless...One thank you is not enough, nor is 1,000,000,000,000. So... I just want to say thank you all and I can only hope that you all know that it is with love from the bottom of my heart.

To all newbies and others may I say that yes learning a new language is hard. VERY difficult. It can make you feel like a moron. When you get frustrated or angry with yourself don't take it out on people who edit you or comment on your post. I know it can sting a little but they are doing it in a sincere attempt to help you. So show respect, thankfulness, and humility and you will profit greatly. After all, we are getting all of this FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Billy - nice to see you are still here. - ian-hill, ABR 14, 2010
pero claro que está, tú eres el rey, pero él es mi rey;) - 00494d19, ABR 14, 2010
Hi Ian, you know me... we bad pennies keep showing up :-). - billy-jones, ABR 14, 2010
mi riena, I am speechless and blushing.. - billy-jones, ABR 14, 2010

I'm also new here, but I really enjoy my progress so far thank to all seniors members who always being helpfull to us. I reserve my special thank to everybody for always pop up to read our sentence and leave a small valuable comment whether to suggest a correction or to express your appreciation. I also would like to thank everybody else for their great threads that keep me practicing everyday. grin

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posted by Krama
Krama, excuse me for editing, I just didn't want to sinlge out anybody , especially not me, thanks a lot for your kind words. - 00494d19, ABR 14, 2010
Oop, you're right, everybody are helpful in this forum. The name is endless, so it's better not to single out anyone. :-) - Krama, ABR 14, 2010

I think that people correcting others is a good thing. People are here to learn English as well, and, if we do not use correct wording they will not learn the correct way. People who feel offended after being corrected need to take a deep breath and chill. They need to take in the advice from others and say thankyou. Para mi, nothing beats "constructive critisism". Please correct me on that last word. I think it is spelt wrong!!!!!

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posted by mike123587
criticism ;) - chicasabrosa, ABR 14, 2010
Thankyou!!! I thought it didn't look right!!!! I had a mental blank!! - mike123587, ABR 14, 2010
spelled :-) - which is hilarious because "spelling" is my most often misspelled word - AKgal, ABR 14, 2010
:) - chicasabrosa, ABR 14, 2010
For AKGal - Spelt=spelled and spelled=spelt. Both are acceptable. Maybe it is a UK/USA difference. - Moe, ABR 14, 2010
Right - ian-hill, ABR 14, 2010

I am so glad that you decided to open this thread to thank all the members here who make this site such a great place to be.

Thanks to all the seasoned veterans and teachers, and especially to the administrators for always being there and for playing such a large part in keeping everything running smoothly.

Thanks to all the wonderful journeyman forers whose numbers seem to swell by the day and whose posts keep things interesting.

Thanks to all the newbies who realize how wonderful the people on this site are and who stick around long enough to become part of "the fam."

And thanks to the lkpuedes/JohnJuans/aguacates/chamacomalos and all the other mixed nuts who finally realize when enough is enough.

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posted by Izanoni1
The last line was laugh out loud hysterical Iz!!! - Nicole-B, ABR 14, 2010
jejejeje, nice izan, I agree with Nicole, the last line deserves an applaus!! - 00494d19, ABR 14, 2010
just deleted the names, thanks izan, we did not want to be singled out, thanks anyway:) - 00494d19, ABR 14, 2010

A special thank to you Heidita... because this is a great site thanks to all and every member...

but Y O U are the "alma mater" here. You are here 24/7... Sometimes I just wonder when you eat or if you sleep... I just remember my very first post in the old forum when you reached your first 1.000 posts!!! Remember? In that ocassion I told you, you were the "Alma mater" and nothing has changed my friend!!

alt text


Siempre vas a encontrar gente que te quiera y otros que no, pero hay algo que nadie puede negar, y es que sos un pilar fundamental en este foro. Gracias!!! en nombre de todos... smile

alt text

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posted by Benz
Vos sos muy amable :-) - Fidalgo, ABR 14, 2010
¡Bien dicho! De acuerdo! - alba3, ABR 14, 2010
:::roja como un tomate::: , jeje, bueno, te lo agradezco mucho, mi amiga, no deberías haberme mencionado especialmente, es un hilo pra todos... - 00494d19, ABR 14, 2010
Lo comprendo... aún así creo que mereces una mención especial. :) Yo no sé quiénes son los creadores de este foro, pero sí sé que de no ser especialmente por vos, este foro no sería lo que es hoy... muy simple :) - Benz, ABR 14, 2010
you are one of the strongest pillars of SD, Benz - Rikko, ABR 14, 2010
Vos sos?. Where are you from, Benz?. Je, je. - nila45, ABR 15, 2010
Rikko, I know I'm very useful as a native here, but Heidita is THE pillar, believe me!! Thanks for your words! :) - Benz, ABR 15, 2010
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