Could someone tell what "discepoliano" means?

Could someone tell what "discepoliano" means?


I could't find nothing similar to it in a dictionary. It's from a song (...crudo final discepoliano...). Thanks.

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posted by swing

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hahaahaha it's about Enrique Santos Discépolo, an argentine tango musician

In English link text

In Spanish link text


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THta maybe true but your link failed to produce any results except a messge in Spanish - FELIZ77, JUN 26, 2010
asking me to check if I had the correct spelling - FELIZ77, JUN 26, 2010
ok, it makes sense, the group is related to Argentina ;) - swing, JUN 27, 2010
edited the links - swing, JUN 27, 2010

i think its actually "dice Poliano." two seperate words. it means "Polyana says"

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posted by einsteino
I think it's a complete word and there's no wrong thing - Fidalgo, ABR 14, 2010
but what's the meaning of it? - swing, ABR 14, 2010
Patikėkite mane, aš esu teisus - einsteino, ABR 14, 2010
not mane, manimi. Nice, einsteino! But where are you from? - swing, ABR 14, 2010
sorry. i'm bad with pronouns. i'm from the u.s. - einsteino, ABR 14, 2010
and what about languege skills? or it was a help from goolge tranlator? ;) - swing, ABR 14, 2010
i like to learn little bits of lots of different languages, but i'm not fluent in any of them. - einsteino, ABR 26, 2010
apparently google translator isn't either. ; ) - einsteino, ABR 26, 2010
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