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Idiom "You are a good sport."


Can you explain the best way to use the idiom, "You are a good sport" in Spanish, indicating someone has a good sense of humor, plays along with a joke, etc?

I found this under "sport" in the dictionary but I am not certain which one best conveys my meaning: "Eres un tio grande" or "Eres bueno gente." I live in the U.S. and would be speaking with a Spanish speaker from California or Mexico.

updated ABR 13, 2010
posted by bnjmcleod

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(familiar) (person)

to be a (good) sport ->

ser un(a) tío(a) grande (español de España),

ser buena gente (Am)

So, I think it would be: "Eres buenA gente."
(gente is always feminine and this is a phrase literally meaning - you are good people.

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Que buena onda/buena gente eres.

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Eres buena gente. (buena not bueno even if you're talking to a guy because you are referring to gente which is feminine) Technically, this means "You're a good person."

I think that if you want to say that you have a good sense of humor you might say: Tienes buen sentido del humor.

Sabes aceptar una broma. = You know how to take a (practical) joke.

updated ABR 13, 2010
posted by alba3
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